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Your Investigative Partner

When you are looking for an investigative firm to handle your sensitive information, it is important to find a team of experienced professionals who will handle your issue with confidentiality and integrity.

The IRISS team can help you with integrated risk management, investigative services, and security solutions designed to protect the vital components of your organization: Personnel, Assets and Reputation.

You can be confident your needs will be handled by a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience that has been developed from a variety of fields including but not limited to Law Enforcement, Armed Forces, Corporate Security and nationally recognized Government & Corporate Training.

Because of the IRISS team’s history and experience within the industry, we have formed close partnerships with a trusted network of professionals, allowing us to address all of your needs. Our backgrounds and reputations have been developed using a strict code of ethical and professional conduct. We continue to operate on the principle of exceeding our client requirements and expectations, in conjunction with industry-standard bench marking and associated regulations.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss the specific investigation, risk management, forensic and training services required to address your organization’s concerns.

Investigation Services


Professional, innovative, and reliable investigative services provided by a team of experienced professionals, to address all levels of investigation in the public and private sectors.

Risk Management


Safeguard physical and financial assets, personnel, proprietary information and intellectual property with an an objective and thorough threat risk assessment. Develop and execute a comprehensive Risk Management Program.



Protect your organization from fraud and corruption; obtain accredited investigation training for Human Resources; and prepare your personnel in safety and security measures, including workplace violence.

CorpSupport Systems


Our team provides a broad range of expert forensic services to meet a variety of circumstances. Our techniques include Open Source Intelligence, Network and Hacking Forensics, Vulnerability and Penetration Hacking.