About IRISS Corporation

IRISS Corporation is a consortium of investigation, risk management and training professionals with decades of combined, specialized experience in public, private, government and military sectors.

Our mission is to provide public and private sector organizations with the tools and strategies for developing and maintaining secure, efficient and effective processes to make projects viable and business successful.

We achieve this with our specialty investigation services, project-specific risk management expertise and professionally tailored training products.

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With an extensive network of national and international professional contacts, IRISS operates on the principle that the activities we undertake for our clients have a direct impact on their business success; we are committed to ensuring Corporate Safety, Security, and Business Continuity.
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Lance Saunders, President & Senior Advisor

Lance Saunders is the President and Senior Adviser of IRISS Corporation, with over 50 years experience in law enforcement and the private security industry.

He also served over 20 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with varied policing experience in community policing, major crime investigations, drug enforcement, interrogation and polygraph, commercial crime, technical services, as well as teaching at the Canadian Police College. He was the founder and President of several recognized Security Consulting, Risk Management and Asset Recovery firms under the Bison Security Group (BSG Corporation) banner based in Calgary, with associate related projects in Canada, the United States, Western Europe and the Middle East. His experience, knowledge and ability to manage large projects for law firms, corporations, insurance companies, and every level of government are well documented.

Shannon Glover, CEO & Managing Director

Shannon Glover is a Managing Director of IRISS Corporation with over 20 years of Municipal Policing experience in a major Canadian City.

Her experience, leadership and management skills in law enforcement are in the areas of major crime investigations, commercial crime, human resource management, and criminal negotiations. Following her police career, Shannon was a Senior Investigator and Manager for a large Security Consulting firm in Calgary, conducting and managing all levels of Civil, Corporate and Criminal Investigations for over 6 years in Canada. Her talents in communications, analysis and intuitive problem solving are recognized by law firms, corporations, insurance companies and all levels of government, for managing major investigations dealing with regulatory inquiries, hearings, human resource issues and negotiations.

Mike Saunders, Risk Management & Investigations Manager

Mike Saunders obtained his BSc in Psychology from the University of Alberta and spent time as a claims adjudicator with the WCB before joining the Calgary Police Service in 1992.

He completed 25 years of service with the Calgary Police Service, retiring as a Detective in 2018. The majority of his law enforcement career was spent in a covert capacity including the Serious Habitual Offender Program, the Drug Unit and Organized Crime and undercover investigations. Mike was a witness protection officer for nearly six years and is well versed in threat/risk assessment, confidential informant recruitment and management, VIP protection and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design ( CPTED). Mike also has extensive experience in Auto Theft investigations, particularly in the area of vehicle cloning and insurance fraud.

Mike has a certificate in Police Leadership from Dalhousie University/Henson College, his Senior Police Administration Certificate and a Certificate in Security Management from the University of Calgary.

Carol McFarlane, Regulatory Investigations Manager, Investigator

Carol brings three decades of skills and experience to her multifaceted role at IRISS Corporation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Simon Fraser University, has worked in the private and corporate sector in various roles, and provides marketing leadership and direction to the IRISS Corporate team.

Her unparalleled attention to detail, strategic thinking and integrity are what make Carol an asset on any investigation. Her commitment to quality assurance of deliverables, and her comprehensive appreciation of client requirements and knowledge of regulations, limitations, trauma informed approach principles, and risks, is an added value to the IRISS team and the clients we serve.

George Payson, Director of Property and Casualty

George Payson is the Director of Property and Casualty Investigations. He brings with him extensive experience in criminal and civil law matters that have earned him an excellent reputation for honesty and conviction.

After retiring from the RCMP in British Columbia, George pursued a second career in insurance claims investigations. George continued to show confidence and tact in producing positive results. As President of Payson Adjusters Limited, he served on the Council of both Provincial and National Insurance Institutes and obtained his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation. George’s experience in the insurance industry includes investigating fraud, fires, property damage, bodily injury, and liability.

George is a qualified Loss Control and Risk Consultant, and within law enforcement had served as a Forensic Identification Specialist. George’s portfolio includes the Insurance Industry, Faith Based Institutes, and Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Shareen MacNeil BA, CFE, Senior Investigator

Shareen is an investigative consultant with more than 30 years of extensive experience ranging from general law enforcement to major crimes investigations and the assessment and mitigation of risk for violence between individuals.

Shareen is a Certified Fraud Examiner and has experience in the investigation of financial crimes in both the public and private sectors.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts from the University of Calgary and is an international Certified Fraud Examiner.

Brad Weinberger BA, CPP, CPTED, Senior Investigator

Brad is a Senior Investigator with an extensive background managing serious and patterned crimes. He has experience in the areas of Fire, Arson, and Explosion investigation, holding recent certifications with NAFI, IAAI, and as a Certified Fire Death Investigator (SLOFIST Inc.).

He also has extensive experience in the areas of workplace harassment investigation, surveillance, executive protection, threat assessments, and informant/witness management.

Brad holds Bachelor of Arts and earned his Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design designations.

Dan Kostuik

Dan Kostuik, Senior Investigator

Dan is a Senior Investigator with an extensive background In criminal investigations, organized crime, and counterterrorism intelligence. Dan has over 30 years of investigative experience, encompassing 25 years of Policing, as well as previous work in insurance fraud and retail crime.

His Policing background focused on areas of major crimes, intelligence, organized crime, counterterrorism, and extremism. He has also worked in areas dealing with internal investigations, focusing on procedure and policy breaches, as well as threats against justice officials. He has extensive experience in legal and criminal employee training, major case management, and program development.