Network and Hacking Forensics

Attacks to technology not only pose serious risks to corporate confidentiality, productivity and reputations, but can create long lasting economic problems affecting the long-term stability of an organization. When an attack is discovered, reputed to have happened or is known to have the potential to cause corporate distress due to the likelihood of an attack, it is critical to analyze the situation and ensure unwanted activities are halted as effectively as possible. The process of identifying affected assets, determining the impacts of and attack and identifying the perpetrators of an incident is often much more effective if it is performed as soon after the event as possible.

Our team of Offensive Security Specialists apply digital forensics techniques to identify network intrusions and expose hacking attempts to vulnerable systems. Being trained to think as an attacker, we can identify possible exploits while providing a thorough investigation report, mitigation recommendations and implement solutions to help protect against the adverse impacts of cyber-crime.

Many organizations grow unhappy with simply adopting the stance that “getting hacked” is an inevitability. Security-Apathy is primarily created as a defense mechanism to outdated or inadequate technical skillsets. While Generalist IT Support is the right choice for day-to-day technical analysis, Security Specialists take the opportunity to develop a defense in-depth approach and work to improve the security of often overlooked places where an attacker would gain a foothold. An organization that raises the bar and has identified soft-targets turning them into hardened-assets has decided to protect not only themselves. Such organizations have sent a clear message to their clients that they deserve their business, their trust and their client’s data. In today’s world, this is a serious competitive advantage and well worth the effort.

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IRISS investigation teams, supported by computer forensics technologists, researchers, analysts and vulnerable witness and human resource trained personnel, conduct all types of criminal and civil litigation. These teams provide detailed background investigations into personal and corporate information as it pertains to due diligence inquiries, pre-employment screening, and in preparation for mergers and acquisitions.
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