Penetration Testing

Analyzing where and how your organization is most vulnerable to virtual and physical exploitations by using the point of view of a malicious hacker is an effective defensive strategy. Performing an individually tailored simulated attack on your organization’s information assets can provide a wealth of otherwise impossible to obtain data.

A yearly scheduled penetration test assures stakeholders that the management team is taking the absolute best steps possible to protect an organization from the growing rates of cyber-crime. Since we follow the same paths to your vital infrastructure an attacker would, we often discover during penetration tests that a target organization has already been “hacked”.

Internet-based criminal organizations have grown in sophistication and learned the value of stealth. Not every “hacker” operates with the goal of creating dysfunction and breaking things to be noticed. The modern attacker has a goal to be invisible during an infiltration attempt and uses many different methods to remain unknown and undetected. In these instances, our experts will be able to tell if your organization has already been hacked by uncovering the traces of a previous attack or by finding backdoors left in place for malicious re-entry.

Collaborating with your key principals, we establish the scope of our testing and tailor it to whatever best suits your organization’s needs and systems.

Whether you choose to test a single internal system for weaknesses, review all your publicly available external systems or perform a complete physical penetration and test if your staff will “give-away” access through social engineering attacks, we can create a plan to suit your needs.

Many organizations prefer penetration tests be performed within strictly outlined boundaries and limitations, ensuring no unwanted impact to key assets occur while other organizations simply want to give carte blanche rights and scope to break down the door as an attacker would.

Working closely with your existing generalist support team, we allow for opportunities to cross-train skill sets and provide permanent improvements to your overall security posture.

Penetration Testing reports are always summarized in easily understandable formats, alongside the complete steps to reproduce the exact attack and recommended mitigation steps.

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