Human Resources & Internal Investigations

The main threats to any organization are the staff and contractors it employs. Our Human Resource Support Program identifies individuals that could be potentially harmful to your workplace before they get the opportunity.

Pre-employment screening and background investigations include:

  • Financial, Personal, Motor Vehicle/Driver Registry Profile
  • Court Records (civil, criminal, bankruptcy)
  • Educational and Professional Verification
  • References and Previous Work History
  • Honesty Testing (new hires, entry level management candidates)
  • Awareness Programs

Our post-incident investigation service, either purely internal or in tandem with an an official investigation, involves gathering of sensitive and restricted information into a confidential case file as it pertains to:

  • Suspected Theft, Fraud, Corruption and Other Unethical or Illegal Activity
  • IT Abuse and Computer Forensic Analysis
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment (management, investigation and mediation)
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Public Complaints Support, Potential Litigation
  • Potential Regulatory Breaches, Disciplinary Behavior
  • Termination Management

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