Forensic Engineering


Bodily injury and catastrophic injury claims (Injury Biomechanics)

  • Motor vehicle driver and occupant injury analysis
  • Motorcycle driver and passenger injury analysis
  • Seatbelt analysis
  • Airbag analysis
  • Driver identification
  • Pedestrian impact injury analysis
  • Bicycle accident analysis
  • Helmet use and effectiveness
  • Slip, trip and fall injury

Transportation claims

  • Motor vehicle collision analysis
  • Motor vehicle speed analysis
  • Driver sightline and visibility analysis
  • Driver perception and response time analysis
  • Human driver and autonomous system interaction analysis
  • Roadway hazard analysis
  • Vehicle theft/fraudulent claims investigation
  • Vehicle component failure analyses

Product liability/ property loss claims

  • Product failure analysis
  • Hazard warning analysis
  • Subrogation identification

Premises liability claims

  • Sporting and recreational accident analysis
  • Occupational and residential accident analysis
  • Commercial and industrial accident analysis

Additional Services

  • Litigation support
  • Training and seminars
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