Digital Vehicle Forensics

Unbiased Electronic Witness

Insurance companies, police and law firms are all compelled to assess damages related to motor vehicle incidents for different reasons. Whether necessary for filing charges, apportioning liability or assessing damages, the underlying facts are used to determine what is appropriate in the circum stances. As our vehicles become increasingly computerized, they have a story to tell and can become unbiased electronic witnesses with compelling facts to add to your investigation. Today, automobile manufacturers and computer system giants work together to design vehicle systems for both safety and convenience. In 2017 the New York Times reported that:

“Twenty years ago, cars had, on average, one million lines of code. The General Motors 2010 Chevrolet Volt had about 10 million lines of code
— more than an F-35 fighter jet. Today, an average car has more than 100 million lines of code.“

This embedded smart technology means that, just like your phone, your car can now store a great deal of valuable information. If accessed and interpreted properly using the Berla iVe system, this data tells a reliable story that is not subject to the same short-comings of an eye witness. Data does not shade events, forget details or tell lies.

Berla is a pioneer in the field of Digital Vehicle Forensics. Using their proprietary tools, software and training to obtain data from supported vehicles, investigators can help determine what happened, where it happened, when it happened and even who may have been involved.

GPS track logs can record the path travelled and may be used to place a vehicle at a location at a specific time. Data from electronic control units simultaneously records vehicle events such as speed, hard braking, hard acceleration and steering input events. Data from your connected smart devices can be used to help establish who was in the vehicle when the incident occurred. All of this information is invaluable when trying to establish the facts surrounding an incident.

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